About Machiatto

Who are we?

Machiatto are a Wairarapa-based espresso roasting company that realises the flavour of the best Arabica coffees by:

- fresh hot-air-roasting each bean variety to its full potential,

- blending, delivering fresh, and ensuring careful extraction to coax out their delicate flavours.

Philosophy & Ethics
Freshness, Good Technique and Flavour should be served in every cup of espresso; you should know you’ve had a good cup of coffee!

Wherever possible, we source organic beans from Fair Trade growers (who are paid a fair price for their labour; see www.fairtrade.org) and roast batches to order, using New Zealand designed and built equipment.

What we do
In constant pursuit of the “Ultimate Shot”, we carefully choose single origin (s.o.) green beans, & gently fluid bed roast them,monitoring each roast carefully.  Currently a number of unique South American varieties, including s.o. Cuban and Bolivian are roasted.

How & where to taste Machiatto:
Currently, in the Wairarapa:
- Water Mill Bakery, upper Norfolk Rd, Carterton, Summertime (November to March) Fridays 1700-2000 hrs
- Farmers’ Market, Farrier's carpark, 4 Chapel,  Masterton (Saturdays 0900-1300hrs);
- Various mobile venues in the Wairarapa, (e.g. at the Martinborough Fair, Te Kairanga Farmers' Market, Greytown Country Market) & other local events &
- at home, making it the way you like it, with freshly-ground beans.